Welcome Maddie - Stills That Move

Welcome Maddie

- Apr 2013 -

Over a wonderful two weekends in April 2013 my friends welcomed me to their home, just two weeks after their second daughter was born.

Never before had I witnessed so closely how a new person started her life amongst us. I was mesmerised watching Maddie, cradled in her parents' arms. Her whole life lies ahead of her, with all the unpredictable ups and downs that it will entail and that will make her life so very unique and different from everyone else's who has ever spent time on this planet.

Aside from the personal experience, as a photographer I could not have hoped for a better environment for my first newborn photo shoot: Experienced parents who knew how to decipher newborn body language, plus a beautiful fireplace as a backdrop and for heating up the house, making sure Maddie stayed cosy and everyone else was sweating!

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